On this page you will find some useful and interesting links to external websites. Some of the links deal with HIV/AIDS education, others look at current debates, statistics and information that we think will be of benefit to you in your work.

  1. The Centre of the Cell: This is an interactive science education centre based in the United Kingdom. It encourages students to explore the world of science through direct and exciting experiments
  2. SAFAIDS (Southern African HIV/AIDS Dissemination Service): An organisation and network that shares information about HIV/AIDS in response to the needs of communities. Look for the booklets entitled, ‘You Asked….We Answered’.
  3. Auntie Stella: The ‘Auntie Stella’ website is a place where you can read young people’s letters to Auntie Stella, like the ’agony aunt’ pages you find in many magazines. There are 40 letters – all drawing on the experiences and stories of young people in southern and east Africa. The letters, and Auntie Stella’s replies both deal with the personal, emotional, and social issues that affect young women and men. They concern sexual health and relationships with partners, family, peers and society.
  4. REPSSI: REPSSI, along with other organisations, have produced many tools and interventions which can be used to mainstream psychosocial support in schools. The following publications are especially useful for schools: Journey Towards Our Dreams, Hero Book and The Home-School Partnership.
  5. Treatment Action Campaign: A social activist organisation campaigning for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. Their website includes up to date information about HIV, treatment, articles and copies of their magazine.
  6. The Children’s Right Centre: They have produced workbooks for children living with HIV/AIDS to help them understand transmission, how to take medicine, deal with discrimination and how to live positively.
  7. Catholic Institute of Education (CIE): CIE has produced materials on practical ways of handling conflict in schools, bullying, child abuse and drug abuse, amongst others.
  8. Soul City: Soul City offers a wide range of health related booklets and campaigns, including topics such as HIV/AIDS and Health Lifestyle issues. Their materials are aimed at young people, parents, Health Care Workers and teachers.
  9. Health e: This is an online health news agency.
  10. Borien Educational Foundation for southern Africa (BEFSA) Trust: This Trust primarily works in the Eastern Cape, helping to reduce poverty through creating opportunities for education, training and development.
  11. AeD Centre for Gender equity: This centre promotes the rights of girls and women to education, health, a safe environment, economic participation and leadership. Look for the “Mentoring Guide for Life Skills for Girls Success.